Hello world!

I’ve really been meaning to start blogging for some time now. I was one of those children who would dutifully start keeping a new diary each year, only to abandon it during the first days of January. I’ve had a similar relationship with New Years Resolutions ever since. My birthday is on New Years Eve, and hence New Year already carries a lot of age and goal related baggage.

This blog started life with an article I read on Monday called 10 Steps For Starting a Social Marketing Campaign.

The first step was a call to action –  “Schedule a bit of time each day to do some new things. Don’t just say you are going to do them. Write the time into your day and follow through”. This fits in very well with my new Seven Year Plan, of which more later, and hence this blog was born. 

Now I just need to watch out for Step 10 –  “Don’t freak out…you have other things to do and this needs to fit into, not dominate, your current business and marketing”.

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