Under Fire

Generation X Hosting is currently experiencing what we believe to be a distributed denial-of-service attack, also known as a DDoS attack.  A distributed denial of service attack occurs when multiple compromised systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system in an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to it’s intended users. Our network providers are working to blackhole the attack higher in the system.

Black hole filtering works by forwarding malicious traffic to an imaginary interface known as Null0 – similar to /dev/null on Unix machines. As an invalid interface, traffic routed to Null0 is essentially dropped. This technique also minimises performance impact during the DDoS investigation so that the rest of the network remains stable under the increased load. 

I am pleased to report that most mail and web services have now been restored and that in spite of the attack our web monitoring service is currently showing an uptime report of 99.96% across the Generation X network.

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