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As much for my own reference as anything else I feel I should compile a list of my current domain portfolio, both in development, and  published. Hopefully this might act as a reminder not to buy any more until I’ve progressed some of these as projects. Well, maybe just one more… – Project: Web Design Cheshire

p.s. Like all addictions I needed just one more fix, and is it.

I’ll blog seperately and in more depth on my plans for the development of the names above soon. In the meantime if you want to make me an offer…

Ellesmere Triathlon Results

Ellesmere Triathlon 2008In spite of my somewhat sporadic training, the triathlon went rather better than I had realistically expected or hoped. My total time was just over 3 hours, with my split times as follows:

Swim, including T1 35:49

Cycle, including T2 1:25:50

Run 59:25

Total 3:00:04

It was a fantastic day, with ideal weather conditions, and I really enjoyed the race. My intention now is to concentrate on my running for the remainder of this year with a view to entering a sprint (probably Oswestry) and another Olympic triathlon (hopefully Ellesmere) next year. I’m planning to keep up my cycle and swim fitness with one session of each every week and hope be able to shave (at least) the extra 5 seconds off to complete my next Olympic under the 3 hour mark!

Full results can be viewed at

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