Like Father, Love Son: Walking Back to Happiness, by Alan Nolan

Like Father, Love Son: Walking Back to Happiness, by Alan Nolan

Alan Nolan and his son Ian have become estranged over the years, both emotionally and geographically. Alan proposes they bridge the gap that has grown between them by embarking on a long-distance walk, the Tour de Mont Blanc together.

Considered one of the classic long-distance hiking trails the TMB circles the Mont Blanc massif, covering 170km with 10,000m of ascent while taking in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Described as “a blend of travel, autobiography and family history peppered with humour”, Like Father, Love Son is more than just a book about their trek. Alan feels that he never talked enough with his own father and is left with many unasked questions about his life. He hopes to use their time walking together to bridge the gap that has grown between himself and his son, and to share his experiences of growing up and becoming who he is now.

However, despite his best intentions his son remains indifferent to his attempts to make the walk any more than a shared adventure, and the book itself serves the purpose of providing the intended legacy from father to son.

Born and raised in Southport, Alan Nolan shares the typical Liverpudlian humour, exhibiting a tendency for rather blatant, cringe-worthy puns. Upon encountering the first few of these I experienced some initial misgivings, but as Alan’s life story drew me in I came to view them as intrinsic to the tale.

All in all a good read.

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