Day zero – a brand is born

mummywear_maternityOver the past 5 years I have developed a skillset combining graphic and web design, web development, ecommerce, Joomla! development, Virtuemart customisation and search engine optimisation, along with an in-depth understanding of internet marketing. Every time I develop a client project there is a part of me that resents the fact that my work will provide a continuing business tool and income stream, of which I share no part except for ongoing hosting and maintenance income.

I’ve long flirted with the idea of developing my own affiliate marketing site and applying my skills to give it search engine prominence. I’ve even bought a number of domains with projects in mind and have a joint venture in development for an ecommerce bookshop. Affiliate marketing appeals because it offers the enticing prospect of developing a (relatively) passive income stream, using a model which can be duplicated in a number of niche markets.

Talking with friends over dinner at the weekend the idea of a comparison site for maternity clothes cropped up. When we got back late on Saturday I surfed around and had a cursory look at the maternity wear market and competition. Jude and I talked it over, and yesterday I purchased three domains:, and – a brand is born.

The idea is to set up a website featuring a range of maternity fashion from a number of UK maternity retailers. Customers will be able to compare products from all the major retailers before going on to purchase the products on the retailer site. I’ll take a commission on the sale, without the headache of order processing or fulfillment.

Day zero involved purchasing the domains, setting up shared hosting using my reseller account, creating a logo (which will no doubt evolve as I develop the site) and putting up a holding page.

I intend to spend a working hour each day on managing the project and any free time I have developing and promoting the site.

I’ll blog, hopefully daily, on progress. This will act as part social marketing, part blueprint for further niches. I intend to give the site a full year to develop, but to keep a tally of income vs expenditure as I go along.

Day zero expenditure:  £18.93 (domain names)

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